About Us

Hi my name is Kirk Langford I have been beekeeping more than 30 years with my father Steve Langford who has been beekeeping himself for more than 40 years.

Some of my earliest memories are with my father working on his beehives.

We are both qualified school teachers with a passion for education.  During Steve’s teaching career he integrated beekeeping into the curriculum and built an apiary for his school. Throughout his 40 year career he introduced hundreds of students to the art of beekeeping some of whom have gone on to become professional beekeepers.

We are dedicated, enthusiastic backyard beekeepers with a combined 70 years hands on experience. We currently have 30+ hives. Our website is a platform where we can honestly and keenly share our knowledge about bees and beekeeping. 

We invite you to journey with us as we continue to grow our hives and learn about this wonderful and important pastime. It is our passion to share what we have learnt and encourage you to chase a deeper understanding of these truly amazing creatures.